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 About us 


"Good Old American Soul, In A Tin"


Quincy, Massachusetts is the birth place of 2 Amercian Presidents, John Adams and his grandson John Quincy Adams. The city is also a vibrant area contributing greatly to the Golden Era of Pop and Jazz culture in the 1950s and 1960s.


Our brand Quincy hereby pays tribute to the magnificently rich history, tradition and culture of the great music of yesteryear, evergreen and never forgotten. 

The trademarked logo of Quincy features an "Elvis" vintage "Shure" microphone(representing the 50-60s big band and rock and roll music), blood roses(representing classical beauty and passion), brass knuckle duster(representing the rebel in us), diamond (representing strength and endurance), hearts (representing love and compassion). The symbols combined, redefines the American Soul. 


Quincy Premium Pomade produces Outstanding Pomades and Grooming Products which have heavy influences from old-school traditional/classic barbering. Designed to be easy-to-use and extremely reliable for individuals and also serves as staple barbering products and a great help to barbers and stylists alike.

All Rights Reserved. Quincy Premium Pomade 2019

All Quincy Premium Pomade Products are manufactured in USA. No Animal Testing. No harmful substances like parabens, sulfates or formaldehydes are used. Certified Safe To Use. 

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